A high five...

...is probably what I'd give the PLEX crew for designing this set of goodies. The Fiveman series of toys is one of my favorites. The designs, the colors, and the play value make this a set worthy of seeking out.

The main robot, DX Five Robo, consists of three vehicles: Sky Alpha, Carrier Beta, and Land Gamma. The vehicles can also combine to form an alternative vehicle mode, Five Trailer. I like how Sky Alpha and Carrier Beta have some transforming going on for Five Trailer, especially with Sky Alpha changing from a jet to a transport. Land Gamma...pretty much stays the same, but something I love about Land Gamma: rubber treads on the wheels!

And now we come to the vehicles' main mode, Five Robo. Five Robo is a solid toy. Lots of metal, mainly in the legs and feet and some in the chest. Speaking of the legs, the transformation can be a little tricky, depending on which vehicle mode it's in. Since I don't fiddle with him very often, I always have to refer to the manual to get it right. Regardless, Five Robo is extremely satisfying for me.

The second robo in the series is DX Star Five. I know, I don't have a picture of him. It was late when I took these photos, I was tired, I was going to do it the next day, I didn't, yadda yadda...but I did snap a pic of the vehicle mode, Star Carrier. I won't go into detail about Star Five (cuz I don't have a pic!), but here's what you should know: he's taller than Five Robo, no metal content, very brick-ish, and I have a hard time getting the legs to pop off when converting to carrier mode. I feel like I'm gonna break them.

When you combine Five Robo and Star Five, you get the awkwardly proportioned Super Five Robo. He's tall and skinny with way too much leg and feet going on here. This is one of those cases where it looks great on the show, but doesn't translate as well in toy form. This combination is alright, but if they'd have done something to elongate and widen the torso/chest section, I would have loved this combo.

Max Magma/Magma Base is the third and final DX toy to appear in the line and what a way to finish out this series of robots! This toy is huge. I mean, I have toys that are tall, and toys that are wide, but this one is both. Magma Base is a big base that the other vehicles can interact with, including storage compartments, ramps, amd landing/launch pads.

With some transforming and removal of parts, you begin the process of changing Magma Base into Max Magma. Super Five Robo and Magma Base combine with the callout of  "Max Cross!", and Super Five Robo rests inside of Max Magma, kinda like a matryoshka (nesting) doll.

Once the top portion is in place, you have the mighty Max Magma, and I absolutely love it. Just like in base mode, this thing is massive. Combined DX sentai robos are usually big, and Super Five Robo is no slouch, but to have another robot come along and literally swallow it? Hell yes!
For some of you there may be a couple of "issues" that you want to be aware of. First, Super Five Robo just sits inside Max Magma; it doesn't lock or snap into place. Second, the top half of Max Magma just rests on the legs and also doesn't lock into place. So if you want to move it around, you have to pick it up by the legs or you'll just be carrying the top half and the rest will stay on the ground. These don't bother me at all, but I felt I should mention them. It's too big to want to move anyway. Once he's on the ground, you just want to keep him there.

The Fiveman robos are a great series of toys that started off the 1990s era of sentai DX robos in the right direction. They're a very welcome addition to my collection and rank high on my list of must-have sentai robos.


  1. Max Magma has been my holy grail for year... That set is so expensive.


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