Tamashii Nations 2010 is underway and Bandai has a treasure of goodness to show off. Here are some toys that caught my attention.

To begin, we have the jaw-dropping Soul of Chogokin Daltanias in color. This thing is glorious! Metal content in an SOC is something I usually take into consideration before buying them, but in this case, I really don't care. This has to be in my display case.

We also get a sneak peek at another piece of hotness that will be appearing in the SOC line: Godsigma. Bandai is on a roll here. It's as if they've gotten hold of my (and most US collectors) wishlist and have started checking them off.

We all know how much of a failure Yamato's Escaflowne was, and many of us still yearn for a version of this toy that is worthy of owning. It look like Bandai and Studio Halfeye are teaming up to make this happen and it looks great so far. But with SHE's history, I'm not sure I can afford it. We'll see what happens.

Brave, welcome to the world of Super Robot Chogokin. Bandai hits us with the most popular of the Brave series, GaoGaiGar. From left to right, we've got Hyoryu, Enryu, GaoGaiGar, Volfogg, and Big Volfogg.

How popular was last year's sentai show, Shinkenger? Extremely popular. So much so that the Shinkenger team is getting the S.H.Figuarts treatment, and I couldn't be happier. I hope this is the start of more sentai teams making it in the SHF line.

Images are from Hobby Stock. Go check them out for more photos and other goods being displayed at Tamashii Nations 2010!

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