The Price We Pay

I managed to pick up the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Leader Class Sentinel Prime yesterday for $30 with it being on sale for $39.99 and using a Target web coupon for $10 off a Leader Class toy. I've been wanting this bad boy since seeing the promo pics last year, and getting it a discounted price made it even sweeter. But I must say, if I had paid full price, I'd probably be pretty pissed off about it. The toy look great, but it has some issues.

The alt mode is a great-looking Rosenbauer Panther fire fighting vehicle. I really like the design of the front cab, although you can see the back of Sentinel Prime's head in there. Regardless, it looks awesome, but transforming it into the alt mode was a real pain in the ass. I nearly gave up on completing the alt mode. It's fairly complex, but on top of that, some parts and panels just don't seem to snap into place as well as you'd like them to. I don't think I've reached this level of frustration with a toy before. Areas that should be flush had small gaps in them, which annoyed the hell out of me. And if you look at the photo of the back of the truck, you'll see a small red piece that's exposed. It's actually the bottom of a foot. The designers couldn't find a way to hide that? It's not that big a deal, but c'mon.

The robot mode is what had me hooked when I saw the promo pics. Very beefy and I liked the colors. And in hand, he just looks fantastic. But it took me 20 minutes to get him to stand for the following photos. WTF? Coordinating the feet and legs into a position that didn't make him fall backwards was infuriating. So much so that after I got him upright, I didn't even want to attempt to take some photos of different poses like bent knees or anything. I don't ask for too much with the toys I buy, but they least they could do is the simplest of tasks: STAND! A fellow collector has the same issue and suggested I take out the batteries to get rid of some of the weight in his back, and it helps, but I shouldn't have to.

I'll state it again: the toy looks fantastic. I've never been a fan of Bayformers, but the Dark of the Moon line has some really great designs, and Sentinel Prime is certainly one of my favorites.

Sentinel Prime does come with with a double blade weapon and a Mechtech shield that converts into some...hell if I know. And I mentioned batteries earlier because he does have lights and sounds. Do a search on Youtube to see them in action.

I sorta like the toy. I say sorta because I'm tempted to take him back for a refund. On top of what I've mentioned, his right shoulder doesn't stay snapped in as tight as it should, forearms rotate a little too easy, and the toy overall doesn't feel as polished as I had hoped he would be. It's a shame because he looks so good just standing there (when I can get him to stand). He's got some pretty neat stuff going on with the transformation, but it doesn't feel smooth. Anyway, do I recommend him? For full price, hell no. Even at a discounted price, I'm a bit leery of giving a thumbs up. But I've actually paid more for worse, so for $30, he might be worth hanging on to.

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