3 is the Magic Number

I was exposed to some of the strangest, most awesome hero shows when I was a kid in Japan in the late 70s. One show that was one of my favorites was Akumaizer 3. So when the Super Imaginative Chogokin (SIC) line decided to add this demon cyborg team to their roster in 2005, I knew I was going to buy it. And I'm glad I did.

What I like about these particular figures is that Ishinomori's already obscure character designs of Akumaizer 3 are given the signature SIC makeover, resulting in an ominous and brooding aesthetic. I was already a fan of the original designs; this just makes them look even more bad ass. More like the demons (or half demons) that they are. But I don't want to get into details about the show/characters. I'll stick to talking about the figures.

Now you're not gonna get super articulation out of these guys. They're not like S.H.Figuarts, but they do have some decent poseability, especially compared to some of the first SICs released. Instead of action figures, I like to think of these as poseable statues. And they're taller than most figures, standing at roughly 8 inches tall, so they have presence on a shelf.

Zabitan comes with a a two extra head sculpts, an extra set of open hands, and a hand to hold his weapon. His weapon is his rapier named Zarado.

For being in a line called Super Imaginative Chogokin, they are super and imaginative, but have hardly any chogokin. Chogokin is Japanese for "super alloy", but just call it diecast metal for toys. So yeah, not a lot of metal on these guys. The only metal content you'll find is on small embellishments on each figure and the handles on their swords. Lack of metal is actually typical on most, if not all SIC figures.

Like Zabitan, Ibiru also comes with two extra head sculpts, an extra set of open hands, and a hand to hold his weapons. His weapons include his rapier named Irado and the Jo Gun.

As you can see, the detail on these figures is remarkable. And I like the use of colored translucent parts on the figures, like the eyes and chest pieces. Even Gabura's head and upper arms are made of a dark red translucent plastic.

Gabura is obviously the oddball of the group. He's bulkier and has almost as much articulation as the other two. Gabura doesn't come with any extra heads, but his mouth can open and close. He doesn't have any extra hands, but he does have poseable fingers to hold his weapons. And along with his rapier named Garado, his weapons include an axe, which I don't think he ever wielded in the actual show, and a mace that can turn into a spiked ball and chain.

I don't own a lot of SIC figures, but of the ones I do own, the Akumaizer 3 set is probably my favorite. And it's not just because I love the show. There are enough extras and accessories in the set to make it interesting, the articulation can make for some nice poses, and the detailing on the figures is superb. Hunt down a set!

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