NewsFlash: Gokaiger Engine Machalcon

So I haven't been posting news about the sentai releases this season (or Kamen Rider). To be honest, I haven't been very excited about the mechas (although I love the concept of the show) so I haven't purchased anything from Gokaiger yet. None of GokaiOh's combos have me giggling like a seven year old, except for maybe Furaimaru's combo to make Hurricane GokaiOh, so I'll eventually get them. And I really like the looks of Gojyujin. The lastest offering has got me somewhat excited and I thought it was worth posting. Where as the other components so far (Magidragon, Pat Striker, Gao Lion) just combine with GokaiOh, Engine Machalcon (mach + falcon) can combine with GokaiOh to form Go-On GokaiOh, but it also combines with both GokaiOh and Gojyujin to form Kanzen (Complete) GokaiOh. Interestingly, Engine Machalcon will come with a ranger key as well as 2 new Engine Souls, which was Go-Onger's collecting gimmick a couple of years ago. The new Engine Souls look like should be able to interact with the old Go-Onger toys, but will the new Engine Machalcon? We'll find out when it comes out.

DX Engine Machalcon

DX GokaiOh

DX Gojyujin

DX Furaimaru

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