ProtoPics: Devastating!

Move over TakaraTomy and Hasbro. Third party companies like FansProject, MakeToy, and TFC Toys are where it's at! And there seems to be a whole lotta devastation going on, literally.

TFC Toys was the first to release some pics of their "non Devastator" named Hercules. The first component of the combiner, Exgraver, will be out next month with the other 5 components following (if no delays) about every month or two. At $90 per component, Hercules won't be cheap. And there's still debate about the size of him. He's at least a foot tall, but if he can stand about a foot and a half, I'll be quite happy.

Now MakeToy has entered the fray with their non Devy, generically named Giant. No release dates or price yet, but it already looks like a must-have and leaves no questions about the size. Standing next to Bruticus Maximus with the FansProject Crossfire additions, Giant will be roughly a foot tall.

So which will you choose? I'll be going for both. It's great to see third party companies pushing the envelope with modern engineering and design, giving us splendid recreations of classic toys and characters. TakaraTomy? Hasbro? I hope you're paying attention.

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