WishWeWereThere: Tamashii Festival 2011

Bandai's Tamashii Festival 2011 is in full swing this weekend and there are some killer figures being shown! AmiAmi and Hobby Stock posted some photos and here are some of the highlights.

With the recent announcement of S.H.MonsterArts, Bandai kept the buzz going by introducing two more to the lineup: Space Godzilla and Mogera.

To say S.H.Figuarts had a strong showing would be an understatement as a LOT of series under this umbrella were being shown. One that I'm particularly looking forward to is the Tiger & Bunny series. I just started watching the anime because the character designs intrigued me. I like the look of things with corporate logos on them and heroes having sponsors is a great concept. I don't watch NASCAR, but I do like the cars splattered with logos, so to see those on robots/heroes/whatever gets my attention. I've actually been planning an upcoming post about this since I have several toys with different corporate logos on them. Anyway, these look great and can't wait to get them in my hands for a review!

Gokaiger is hot right now and their S.H.Figuarts are selling out everywhere. Along with the newly introduced GokaiSilver, we also see ShinkenRed Kaoru and Juzo from Shinkenger and GoseiKnight from Goseiger. I guess S.H.Figuarts Goseiger is inevitable now.

There were a ton of Kamen Rider S.H.Figuarts on display. I feel sorry for anyone that's maintaining the Kamen Rider OOO line. Too many combos to keep up with. The Kamen Rider Ryuuki line is looking awesome as expected and should appease those that are disappointed with Figma versions. But the line of older Showa era Kamen Riders has me really excited! The original Souchaku Henshin figures didn't quite deliver, but these are sure to satisfy.

Speaking of Showa era Riders, the S.I.C. line is releasing Skyrider (4200yen) and Kamen Rider Super 1and these look fan-friggin-tastic! I'm really liking the smoother stylings on these figures compared to previous Riders in the series. But Showa Riders aren't the only ones getting the S.I.C. treatment. From Kamen Rider Faiz, we'll see the S.I.C. Kiwami releases of Kamen Rider Kaixa (1200yen), his vehicle Side Basshar, and the Wolf Orphenoch (1500yen).

Moving on to the robot side of things, Robot Damashii (Spirits) has releases from Gundam AGE (3000-3500yen) and a rather interesting choice of Eldra V from the series Gun Sword.

The Super Robot Chogokin (SRC) line introduces yet another sentai robo: Dekaranger Robo. And yeah, the SRC GaoGaiGar series shows us GaoGaiGar and Choryujin, but look at that display of King J-der! My goodness, that thing is big and full of awesome! I'm not sure if Bandai has plans on releasing it, but if they do, I'm buying two!

And finally the soon to be released Soul of Chogokin Godsigma was on display. Glorious!

There was an incredible showcase of figures and collectibles at Tamashii Festival. Bandai continues to prove that they are worthy of having my (and your) hard earned money. Maybe it's time for a second job. 

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