WishWeWereThere: Wonder Festival 2011 Summer

Ah, Wonder Festival. There are SO FREAKIN MANY female figure kits on display with more moe than a Three Stooges marathon (haha...*sigh*). But scattered throughout the resin jungle of large-breasted figures and chibi cuteness, there are glimmers of hope from companies displaying some robo and tokusatsu goodies that caught my eye. Let's get to it!

Art Storm had the recently announced Machine Robo Blue Jet (6980yen) on display as well as the EX Gokin Black Getter Ryoma Mode Repaint Version Changing Set (29800yen). Is that name long enough?

I've heard about the company, Volks, and assumed they just did dolls and figures, so I was surprised to see this piece of awesome on display. After some research, I discovered it's a winning entry in a contest they had called King of VLOCKer where you could submit your own creation using their VLOCKer Duel Knights line of figures and add-ons. This entry, called Blue Knight Gilgamesh, took the top spot, and I can see why. Find out more about VLOCKer at their official site.

Banpresto had some new releases for ther S.C.M. line: RX-78-2 Gundam and Guncannon. They also displayed a ton of their Kamen Rider World Collectible Figures (WCF), but I've only shown a handful.

Medicom/Project BM had several entries on display from Gokaiger, Denjin Zaborger, Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider W, and Kamen Rider OOO, but the ones that got me really excited were from Kamen Rider Kabuto! Of the heisei Rider series, Kabuto was my absolute favorite to watch and I'm glad to see them continue forward with Gatack, the Hoppers, and ZaBee. Sasword and Drake are sure to follow.

CM's Corp was out in full force, displaying items from several of their lines. From the Brave Gokin line, Jeeg's getting the all-too-familiar metallic repaint. I was initially going to pass on Jeeg since he's rather expensive, as are most Brave Gokins, but they also showed some accessories and add-ons to Jeeg that have me reconsidering. Big Shooter! Yes, Big Shooter. And it's big. Big enough to fit Jeeg inside of it! It's reminiscent of Popy's Big Scale series of vehicles, where a DX sentai robo could be stored inside a carrier ship, just like in its show. I'm loving this for Jeeg. They're also releasing Marine, Sky, and Earth parts as well. I'll bet Italians are celebrating in the streets.

Brave Gokin goes transparent, literally. Clear version Gordian? Oh hell yes! This has got to be paying homage to Popy's Pla-Dela version of Gordian.

 And we see a new addition to the Brave Gokin line: Tekkaman and Pegas!

CM's Corp's Gutto Kuru line gets a few new figures from some series that should interest you. First, we've got Ginrai and Minelba from Transformers Masterforce. Then we have Noriko from Gunbuster! If you've never seen the original Gunbuster series, do yourself a favor and watch it.

CM's Corp's Sunrise Mecha Action Series looks to be finishing off the Great Eldorans with the releases of God RaijinOh, King Gosaurer, and Perfect DaiteiOh.


Good Smile Company had a lot to show at their booth as well, but we'll stick to their distributions that are relevant. We'll start with a release from Feeling. I've never heard of this company before, but their Dynamic Change Getter Robo set shows promise.

Their booth also showed new offerings from Max Factory's Figma line: Guts the Black Swordsman from Beserk, Sunred and General Vamp from Astro Fighter Sunred, and Roger Smith from The Big O.

MegaHouse continues on with their Variable Action Granzort figures with the showing of Super Granzort and cutouts of Winzart and Aquabeat standing behind it.

 A company called Sentinel had a line of toys called Riobot (Riot x Robot) that made their debut with a great cast of characters from Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, and Detonator Orgun. I've not seen specs on these so we'll have to wait for more info as it becomes available. Find out more on their blog.

Kotobukiya's Revoltech line adds more Evangelion 2.0 and Zone of Enders to the mix.

Finally, Kotobukiya adds another to their D-Style line of kits: a fully combining GaoGaiGar! I've almost pulled the trigger on a couple of their earlier offerings, but this release may push me to make a purchase.

Some of these toys and figures are already up for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store and Hobby Search, so go check them out!

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