Saved by Zero

Bandai's Ultra-Act line has brought Ultra-fans what they've been wanting for many, many years: detailed, articulated figures of their favorite heroes from M78. With a healthy mix of Ultra brothers, both old and new, and some kaiju thrown into the mix, Ultra-Act has built a strong lineup in just over a year. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these figures, and thanks to our sponsor, Big Bad Toy Store, we get to have a look at one of the newest additions to the Ultraman universe: Ultraman Zero.

If you're not familiar with Zero, he made his debut in the 2009 movie "Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy". I won't get into any further details, but I highly recommend watching the movie if you're a fan of the tokusatsu genre. I'm not a huge Ultra-fan, but I grew up watching the older shows like Ultraman Taro and Leo, so I really enjoyed seeing them in a modern setting. I also watched the movie because, quite frankly, Zero looks bad ass, which prompted me to get this Ultra-Act figure.

All of the Ultra-Act figures come in a nice window box. Once out of the box, Zero stands at about 6.25 inches tall , so he's a little taller than a regular S.H.Figuarts and much taller than a Marvel Universe figure.

Zero is quite detailed and is a great-looking rendition of the character. The figure has a...strange feel to it. Like a soft plastic. It kind of reminds me of the plastic and feel of the old M.S.I.A. Gundam figures. I assumed it'd have the same materials and texture of S.H.Figuarts, but it's actually quite fitting because it feels like what you would think the real suit would feel like if you were to touch it.

Zero has loads of articulation, giving you the ability to recreate many classic poses. Double jointed knees and elbows allow for some tight bends. The hip joints could use a bit more movement. You won't be able to get a decent side or high kick pose out of him. And I've read that earlier Ultra-Act figures suffered from having loose joints, but Bandai seems to have corrected the problem with this release.

Included with Zero, you'll find an extra head sans horns, a large curved sword (Zero Twin Sword), a pair of smaller blades (Slugger Zero), a chest piece to create his Twin Zero Shoot attack, an extra color timer chest piece, and 3 pairs of extra hands. The hands attach to a ball joint, so you have to pull/push to change them. The problem I have is that sometimes my hands would get a little sweaty, making it difficult to change out the hands at times. But once they're on, they fit nice and snug.


Ultra-Act's Ultraman Zero is a terrific rendition of this emerging character. Gone are the days of settling for an Ultra Hero series vinyl with only 3 points of articulation. Bandai's got a good thing going here, and let's hope they continue to build on this articulated army from the Ultraman universe. Be sure to order yours now at Big Bad Toy Store!

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