NewsFlash: 7-11 Gundam Model Kits 2011

I was chatting with my friend who lives in Tokyo a couple of nights ago and he mentioned that he was at a 7-11 and saw some new 7-11 version Gundam kits and asked if I wanted them.


Now I know a couple of years ago 7-11 did a campaign to celebrate Gundam's 30th anniversary and released a 7-11 Gundam Fix figure (which my friend sent me) as well as an HG 1/144 scale RX-78-2. But I had no idea they were doing it again. What a pleasant surprise! It must have been pretty successful the first time around to want to do it again, but this time it's to celebrate the newest Gundam franchise, Gundam AGE. We don't get a Fix figure this time around, but they added a couple more HG kits:

HG Gundam G30th 7-11 Original Color Ver. 2011 by Bandai

HG Char Zaku 7-11 Original Color Ver. by Bandai

HG BearGuy 7-11 Original Color Ver. by Bandai

More images can be seen here. The Gundam and Char Zaku will cost ya 1365yen, and BearGuy will be 1890yen and are available now. I really wish our 7-11 in the US would release goodies like this.

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