There Will Be Blood

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen's Bludgeon is a mighty fine toy for the most part: great character, awesome robot and alt modes, and rubber treads! But it was not without a couple of issues. First, the head sculpt. It had a face only a demented mother could love. The other issue was the swords. Gray, flimsy pieces of plastic that didn't fit with everything else that was great about the toy. Thankfully, Headrobots has come to the rescue with an assist by Big Bad Toys Store.

Blood the Dark Warrior is an upgrade kit for ROTF Bludgeon. Included is a new head sculpt that has two different faces, a pair of chromed swords, and a new tip for the end of the cannon for the alt mode. The result is a much more cosmetically pleasing Bludgeon with wonderfully shiny swords.

The new head sculpt is quite nice, though it is a little wobbly once attached and you can't turn it as much as Bludgeon's original head. To change faces, you remove the helmet, twist the head 180 degrees, and put the helmet back on.

The chrome swords make such a huge difference compared to Bludgeon's original swords, and they do store away in the same places as the originals in alt mode.

If you own a ROTF Bludgeon, Headrobots' Blood the Dark Warrior upgrade kit is a no-brainer. The price is right and the end result is too good to pass up. Get yours now at Big Bad Toy Store before they sell out!

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