PromoPics: Cosmo Fleet Collection Super Sentai

A couple months ago I'd posted some small prototype pics of MegaHouse's Cosmo Fleet Collection Super Sentai Ranger Mechanics, and recently some bigger, color pics have appeared. I'm loving the added vehicle mode! These mini-sets are going to be a must for any sentai collection.

Battle Shark and Battle Fever Robo

Denji Tiger, Denji Fighter, and Daidenjin

Jaguar Vulcan, Cosmo Vulcan, Bull Vulcan, and Sun Vulcan Robo

Bio Dragon, Bio Jet 1, Bio Jet 2, and Bio Robo


  1. Do these puppies have diecast...?!?

  2. I've not read that they have any metal content yet. Check out more indepth photos at AmiAmi's blog.

  3. Ah ha! Nice one, I've got a version of the Jaguar Vulcan I've had since a kid. It's dated 1981 but the rest of the text on the bottom is I think in Japanese. Today my google-fu was on form and I found this page and more details about the series as I had forgotten over the years. Many thanks.


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