NewsFlash: New Line of Mugenbine Candy Toys from Bandai

Bandai's line of Mugenbine candy toys presses on with their newest series: Machine Robo NEXT. The first set is Magnum Police, which includes PoliceRoid, Magnum Pat Car, Magnum Sonic, Magnum Wheel, and Magnum Gyro. Each component can combine with another one to create different formations. All five components can combine to form a bigger robot (7 inches tall), which also has 5 different types depending on how you combined them.

Mugenbine: Machine Robo NEXT by Bandai

What's interesting to note is that unlike earlier Mugenbines where ordering a case would get you two complete sets of the toy, the Machine Robo NEXT cases will come with 12 boxes and you'll be guaranteed one set of the 5 vehicles, but the other 7 boxes will be random. The idea with these is that each component can combine together and are designed to be used as any limb or as a core for the bigger robot, so having multiples doesn't make them useless. So having a PoliceRoid as a core and 4 Magnum Gyros as arms/legs would work. Love it!

Magnum Police


Magnum Pat Car

Magnum Sonic

Magnum Wheel

Magnum Gyro

Magnum Police box for PoliceRoid

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