NewsFlash: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!

The team for 2012 has been revealed: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters! The initial team will consist of RedBuster, BlueBuster, and YellowBuster, with other members appearing later. Each member has a sidekick BuddyRoid: Chida Nikku (meat?) for RedBuster, Gorisaki Banana for BlueBuster, and Usada Retasu (lettuce?) for YellowBuster. I guess the BuddyRoids are a reminder to eat a well balanaced meal? Who knows.

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters

Each member will have their own Buster Machine, and the BuddyRoids transform in to a head that can combine with their corresponding machines. CB-01  Go-Busters  Ace has 4 modes and is piloted by RedBuster. GT-02 Gorilla has 3 modes and is piloted by BlueBuster. RH-03 Rabbit also has 3 modes and is piloted by YellowBuster.

CB-01 Go-Buster Ace - 5040yen

GT-02 Gorilla - 3990yen & RH-03 Rabbit - 3465yen (7455yen for the set)

Go-Buster Ace, Gorira, and Rabbito combine to form Go-Buster Oh! The DX version will stand at over 12 inches tall.

DX Go-Buster Oh

Go-Busters' henshin device will be the Morphin' Brace that straps onto your wrist. When activated, it ejects a visor eyepiece to look through to henshin. There's also a the TransPod that's a voice changer, walkie talkie, and a weapon.

Buster Gear 01 Morphin' Brace - 3675yen & Buster Gear 04 TransPod

A couple of weapons that will be used by  Go-Busters  are the Ichigan Buster, which transforms from a camera to a gun, and the Sougan Blade that transforms from binoculars to a sword. Ichigan Buster and Sougan Blade will combine to form a more powerful weapon.

Buster Gear 02 Ichigan Buster - 3990yen & Buster Gear 03 Sougan Blade - 3465yen

Stay tuned as more info and catalog pics are leaked out!

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