PromoPics: Gatchaman II New God Phoenix by Art Storm

Art Storm expands their EX Gokin line with a new entry: New God Phoenix from Gatchaman II (Eagle Riders in the US)! I've always been a fan of this God Phoenix design over the original design from the original Gatchaman, so I'm glad to see this release from Art Storm. Included with New God Phoenix is a stand and mini representations of Eagle Sharp, Condor Attacker, Auto Swan, Swallow Helico, and Hound Tank. This should make a great companion piece to Unifive's God Phoenix, which was originally released in 2001. While Unifive's God Phoenix is 10 inches long, Art Storm's New God Phoenix will be 12 inches. The price is 24,800yen and will be released in June 2012.

EX合金 ガッチャマンⅡ ニューゴッドフェニックス

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