Beauty of the White Knight

The Super Robot Chogokin line from Bandai has been around since August 2010. I've resisted for as long as I could, but there was one robot that finally got me to bite the bullet: Weiß Ritter. Weiß Ritter/Weiss Ritter (I'll refer to it as the latter) is from the Super Robot Taisen franchise, and the name is German and roughly translates as white knight. If I had a chance to name it, it'd probably be Wunderschön. Continue to find out why.

The robot is dominantly white with blue and yellow trim around some of the edges, which gives it a majestic aesthetic. Design-wise, it looks like a blend of Cybuster and Victory Gundam. The toy stands at 5.25 inches from head to toe, but the antenna and fins from the backpack makes it look taller.

With diecast metal parts located in the shoulder joints, hip joints, ankle joints, and the lower legs, the toy has a nice heft to it. It's Bandai, so it feels like a quality product in your hands. The plastic on the backpack fins aren't stiff and brittle and have a little bend to them, so you don't have to worry about easy breakage. The antenna are a really soft plastic, and replacements are included in case you lose one or both.

Weiss Ritter comes with several weapons and extra hands, as well as a piece you can attach if you have a display base. As you can see, Weiss Ritter has a BFG, called Oxtongue Rifle. You can use the pair of trigger finger hands to hold it. Also included are a standard pair of closed fist as and a pair of open hands. Changing the hands is much easier than swapping the hands from a S.H.Figuarts or an Ultra-Act figure.

A beam saber-esque sword called the Plasma Cutter is also available with a pair of hands to hold it.

Lastly, we have triple beam cannon attachment that goes on the left arm.

It may not look like it at first glance, but Weiss Ritter has some pretty awesome articulation going on. You can pull up on the upper body to extend the waist joint so there is more range of motion for bending forwards and back.

You can also pull on the forearms to extend the elbow joints. Normally, you'll get a 90 degree angle at the elbow, but extend the joint and you can get a sharper 45 degree bend. The knee joints also have this ability. The ankles have a wide range of motion and the feet have two joints. And I've not noticed any loose joints so far; all are nice and tight. 

Super Robot Chogokin Weiss Ritter is simply a gorgeous toy. Design, articulation, accessories, and metal content are all very satisfactory. This is actually my first SRC. I've been looking for a line of Super Robot Taisen toys to get into. I don't have the patience for the model kits and the Volks/Banpresto figures are getting pricey, so Weiss Ritter was a great "excuse" for me to get into the Super Robot Chogokin line. And I'm glad I did. I had to go back and order Alt Eisen :D

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スーパーロボット超合金 ヴァイスリッター

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