A Hanker for a Tanker

From our sponsor, Big Bad Toy Store, comes this highly anticipated add-on from MakeToys: Battle Tanker! Personally, I've been looking forward to this release since prototype photos first surfaced. Generations G2 Laser Optimus Prime just needs to have a tanker, so how does Battle Tanker stack up?

Before we get into Battle Tanker's modes, there are a couple of alterations that need to be done to Laser Prime. Included with Battle Tanker is a new head sculpt and crotch piece. Changing out the crotch piece is quite simple and will require a small Phillips screwdriver. But the head piece has/had some issues. The head that comes in the package of Battle Tanker is a snap-on head. You're supposed to unscrew the head from Laser Prime and push the new head onto the ball joint of the neck. Unfortunately, too much force and the neck snaps. Reports were that this was happening more often than not, so MakeToys quickly deployed a replacement head that requires unscrewing the head to take it apart, much like the original Laser Prime head. And this new replacement head is MUCH easier to change, so for those of you who plan on buying Battle Tanker, be sure to swap heads with the new replacement, not the one that's in the package. If you didn't receive the new replacement head, contact the e-tailer you purchased your Battle Tanker from about getting one sent to you. Trust me, you'll want it. And as you can see, the new head sculpt looks fantastic!

Once the head and crotch pieces have been swapped, it's time to beef up Laser Prime. The addition of the forearm and lower leg pieces give him some mass, and I've read that people are 50/50 on how he looks. One half feels the upgraded mode is disproportionate, but I side with the other half and say he looks fine. The instructions do say to raise his chest area slightly to give his torso more length, and it helps keep him from looking squatty.

Weapons that are included with Battle Tanker are a couple of guns and a sword with 2 changeable blades. In keeping with the original G2 Laser Prime toy, the laser sword lights up! Dim the lights for maximum mood and effectiveness. If you get a first edition Battle Tanker with the gold sticker on the front of the box, an extra sword is included.

Battle Tanker's upgrade mode is all good, but it pales in comparison to the armament mode. OH MY DAMN! This mode pushes Laser Prime one louder to 11 (Spinal Tap reference). Transformation from tanker mode to armament mode is a bit cumbersome and articulation becomes somewhat limited, but with results this bad ass, it's worth it. As much as I love the FansProject upgrades for Classics Prime and Rodimus, Battle Tanker kills them with this mode.

And it all stores away in the tanker mode. I was having some slight fit issues, but I'm not entirely sure I got everything lined up correctly. There are a couple of gaps and places that wanted to pop  up, but after a few transformations, things should settle in. A side note: Battle Tanker can mimic the battle station mode like the original G2 Laser Prime's tanker, but I just didn't have time to snap a photo of it. Sorry!

MakeToys has set a high standard for themselves with their premiere release. Battle Tanker is a quality addition to Generations G2 Laser Prime, and absolutely essential in my opinion. Get your Battle Tanker now at Big Bad Toy Store!

MAKETOYS アップグレード タンクローリー バトルタンカー

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