NewsFlash: Transformers Prime Arms Micron Series!

Targetmasters 2012? It certainly looks like it with Takara Tomy releasing the Arms Micron packs. The Microns transform from robot mode (Autobots) or beast mode (Decepticons) to weapons for their deluxe partners. Some capsule toy Microns will also be released individually. In weapon mode, some of the Microns can combine to form larger weapons. And guess who's got 'em for preorder? Big Bad Toy Store!

AM-01 Optimus Prime
AM-02 Bumblebee
AM-03 Cliffjumper
AM-04 Ratchet
AM-05 Megatron
AM-06 Skywarp
AM-07 Starscream
AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper
AM-09 Soundwave
AM-10 Bulkhead
AM-11 Acree
Capsule Microns
(Clockwise from top left: Optimus Prime Blaster,  Bumblebee Sword, Cobu [cobra/chainsaw], Zado [lizard/axe])


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