PromoPics: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus by Hasbro

New photos of Fall of Cyberton Bruticus are making their rounds and looks good. Toy Fair 2012 photo of Bruticus? Eh, let's assume it's a prototype and will resemble the promo pics a bit more when it's released in the Fall. Interesting to note, the Game Informer interview mentions that the toys are deluxe-sized, so Bruticus should be impressive in size. Also, the limbs will be interchangeable, so if you want 4 Swindles as limbs, go for it! It's a great interview so definitely check it out in the source links.

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus

Fall of Cybertron Onslaught

Fall of Cybertron Onslaught alt mode

Fall of Cybertron Blast Off

Fall of Cybertron Blast Off alt mode

Fall of Cybertron Vortex

Fall of Cybertron Vortex alt mode

Fall of Cybertron Swindle

Fall of Cybertron Swindle alt mode

Fall of Cybertron Brawl

Fall of Cybertron Brawl alt mode

Fall of Cybertron Bruticus
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