NewsFlash: Go-Buster Machines GT-02 & RH-03 Are Out!

Go-Buster Machines GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit are out in Japan. Here are some promo pics and also a video review of DX Go-Buster Oh on Youtube by wotakufighter2121.


DX Go-Buster Oh Review by wotakufighter2121

Lots of parts swapping going on with Go-Buster Oh, and I'm personally a big fan of these types of toys. Very reminiscent of the great Brave and Eldoran toys that I love oh so much. Although, there's gotta be a better solution to Go-Buster Ace's arms just sticking out the back. Can't wait to see how big this sucker can get when additional mechas start showing up.

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DX 特命合体 ゴーバスターオー


  1. If you want to see more detailed pictures of their transformations and the toys themselves, check out Bandai's official page. http://www.b-boys.jp/sentai/go-bus/


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