NewsFlash: Ultra-Eg by Bandai

I love transforming egg toys. A lot of it stems from an old Tamagoras commercial I saw on an old Bioman VHS tape. And Bandai still loves transforming egg toys as well with the upcoming release of Ultra-Eg! Check out the awesome promo video.

Here's a list of Ultra kaijus that have been announced for release:

  • Baltan Seijin (First Egg version) - April 25 ¥525
  • Zetton - April 25 ¥945
  • Eleking - April 25 ¥945
  • Red King - April 25 ¥945
  • Dada - April 25 ¥945
  • Pigmon - April 25 ¥945
  • Baltan Seijin - May 25 ¥945 
  • Gomora - May 25 ¥945
  • King Joe - June 25 ¥945

Click the source link below for the official website. Full launch on March 24. Anyone else besides me super excited about this?


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