NewsFlash: Upcoming Transformers Releases

This past weekend's Cybertron Con had many announcements, so I narrowed it down to what was significant to our readers. One of the most exciting was the mention of Transformers Masterpiece 12 Lambor (Sideswipe).

Transformers: The Ride is coming soon to Universal Studios, and along with it are a couple of exclusives at the giftshop: Cyberverse and Deluxe class Evac!

Transformers Prime will have a new Voyager class toy, Breakdown.

Transformers Prime RID will see the addition of Deluxe class Sergeant Kup and Rumble in October 2012.

Some Asia exclusive Voyager class toys should be on the market soon and all of them are retools of previous toys with different paint and heads: Brawn (Prime Bulkhead), Power Dive (Hunt for the Decepticons Highbrow), G2 Megatron (Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon), and Hotspot (Universe Inferno).

More Asia exclusives are coming, this time in Deluxe class and are retools, much like the Voyagers: Springer (Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk), Swerve (Generations Sergeant Kup), Cliffjumper (Prime Cliffjumper), and Wheelie (Generations Jazz).

Transformers Generations will continue with Fall of Cybertron releases. FOC Starscream will be out Spring 2013.

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