NewsFlash: Beast Saga!

Battle Beasts/Beastformers will be revived by TakaraTomy with the launch of Battle Saga! Check em out and get your preorders in at Big Bad Toy Store!

BS01 Land Kindom Gloria Starter Deck, ¥1575, September 2012
Comes with Lioger (lion), Big Serou (deer), and Jidam (hamster)

BS02 Sea Kingdom Death Heart Starter Deck, ¥1575, September 2012
Comes with Killer Shark (shark), Silence (coelacanth), and Pirazon (piranha)

BS03 Random Booster Vol. 1 Land Warriors, ¥525 each, September 2012
Consists of Lioger Burst Mode (clear version), Repamint, Garison G, Seirus, Aldail, Rainbow Sam

BS04 Beast Fight Collection Lioger, ¥525, September 2012

BS05 Beast Fight Collection Eledrum, ¥525, September 2012

BS06 Beast Fight Collection Long Giraffe, ¥525, September 2012

BS07 Beast Fight Collection Bill Sword, ¥525, September 2012

BS08  Beast Fight Collection Dolphan, ¥525, September 2012

BS09 Beast Fight Collection Bamet, ¥525, September 2012

BS10 Beast Fight Collection Molick, ¥525, September 2012

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ビーストサーガ ビーストフォーマー

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  1. Amazing toys!!...These are full of colors. But in my opinion toys make kids happier .So parents should buy toys which are sophisticated and soft in touch and not harmful for babies.


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