NewsFlash: Evolution Toy's Daiku-Maryu is MASSIVE

A little over a week ago I'd posted about Evolution Toy's Daiku-Maryu and stated that it was gonna be pretty big. I was wrong. It's going to be huge! We're talking 31.5 inches in length! Jumbo-sized, folks. And only ¥20,000? I'm betting it'll be hollow, no articulation, and basically a storage space for Dynamite Action Gaiking. But it'll look fantastic! More details after the break.

Dynamite Action OP (option) Daiku-Maryu will be in scale with Gaiking.

The chest of Gaiking will attach as the head of Daiku-Maryu and the arms and legs will store inside.

And yes, Daiku-Maryu will come with Skyler, Nessar, and Bazoler!

I'm betting August can't come soon enough for you Gaiking fans. Stay tuned! And be sure to get your Gaiking preorders in at Big Bad Toy Store!

エヴォリューショントイ ダイナマイト アクション! 大空魔竜

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