PromoPics: More Official Fall Of Cybertron Photos

The Transformers Facebook page posted more official images of the upcoming Transfomers Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe and Voyager Class toys.


Airrachnid Alt Mode

 Dead End

Dead End Alt Mode


Rumble Alt Mode

Shadow Strike Bumblebee

Shadow Strike Bumblebee Alt Mode

Sergeant Kup

Sergeant Kup Alt Mode

Soundblaster (Voyager Class)

Soundblaster with Buzzsaw (Voyager Class)

Soundblaster Alt Mode (Voyager Class)

Soundwave (Voyager Class)

Laserbeak Alt Mode (Voyager Class)

Soundwave with Laserbeak (Voyager Class)

Soundwave Alt Mode (Voyager Class)

Get your preorders in at Big Bad Toy Store!

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トランスフォーマー FOC

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