ProtoPics: Baruba!!!

Evolution Toys has released some photos of a prototype Baruba to accompany Koutetsushin Jeeg! Now this is an early prototype and was hand-painted, so don't count on this being exactly what you'll be seeing in the final version. But they do state that Baruba will be shown at Wonder Festival 2012 [Summer] at the end of July and are pushing for a fall release. I'm betting they'll release this in The Dynamite Action OP line, much like Daiku-Maryu. Evolution Toys could turn out to be the MVP (most valuable producer?) for 2012 if they keep going at this rate!


If you're unfamiliar with Baruba, this tiger-like beast can combine with Jeeg to form Baruba Jeeg. Below are some reference photos.

Here's original Koutetsu Jeeg combined with his trusty steed, Panzeroid.

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エヴォリューショントイ バルバ 鋼鉄神ジーグ

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