Review: Ultra-EG by Bandai

Are you an Ultra fan? Do you like transforming eggs? Well, Bandai's got something new (sorta) that's right up your alley: Ultra-EG! And thanx to our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store, I've got a few to review. But are they all they're cracked up to be? Keep reading to find out, and yes, pun intended.

Much like its predecessors Tamagoras and Charan Poran that transform from an egg into an animal or monster or character, Ultra-EG are toys that transform from an egg into characters from the Ultra universe. Currently there are only Ultra kaiju that have been released, but Ultra heroes will be released in the future.

The three Ultra-EG that I received are Alien Baltan , Zetton, and Dada. The transformations on these toys are all very easy and straight forward. There's very little articulation on these, so don't expect any dynamic posing. And the articulation that is on these toys is pretty useless and is only there to help with the transformation.

Alien Baltan First EG version


Dada (just as creepy in Ultra-E.G. form as he is an any other)

In EG (egg) mode the sizes are almost the same, but in AT (attack) mode, you can see that they vary in size. Dada is the tallest in the line so far.

Below is a comparison pic of Ultra-E.G. Alien Baltan and the Charan Poran version from the 1980s. Whereas the Charan Poran and Tamagoras toys were basically limbs and a head attached to an egg after being transformed, the Ultra-E.G. toys have been designed well enough to stray away (for the most part) from the egg-shaped body.

The Ultra-E.G. toys are certainly strange and yet they're so much fun to play with. In a hobby where $200 chogokins sit in a glass display shelf away from oily fingers, it's nice to have something on your desk to fiddle around with. Priced at about $14 at Big Bad Toy Store, it's not out of the question to have several of these laying around. As for me, I plan to have them all. I have a newborn son and at Easter next year, guess what we'll be hunting!


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