NewsFlash: Gyrozetter!

New details and images for Bandai's lineup of toys from the video game/anime Gyrozetter by Square Enix have surfaced.

The Rapid Morphing Series stand at around 6 inches tall and are priced at 2980¥

RM-01 Arcadia Lybird, October release

RM-02 Arcadia Agito Twin S, October release

RM-03 Nissan GT-R, October release

RM-04 Zenon Guilties, November release

RM-05 Arcadia Kong Roader

The Morphing Minicar Series are about 2.75 inches and are priced at 880¥

MM-01 Arcadia Lybird, October release

MM-02 Arcadia Agito Twin S, October release

MM-03 Toyota Prius Alpha, October release

MM-04 Matsuda RX-7, October release

MM-05 Zenon Guilties, November release

MM-06 Arcadia Kong Roader, November release

MM-07 Nissan GT-R, November release

MM-08 Mitsuoka Orochi, November release

MM-09 Toyota 86, December release

MM-10 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, December release

MM-11 Arcadia Anubia, December release

And Big Bad Toy Store has it all for preorder!

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