ShowPics: Go-Busters Mecha

International Tokyo Toy Show is currently taking place and Bandai has Go-Busters merchandise on display. Here we see DX BC-04 Go-Buster Beet, SJ-05 Stag Beetle, and a leaked photo of combined DX Great Go-Buster Oh!

BC-04 Go-Buster Beet

SJ-05 Stag Beetle

Great Go-Buster Oh
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グレートゴーバスターオー SJ-05 スタッグビートル BC-04 DXゴーバスタービート


  1. what are the giant vehicles in the back of great go-buster oh...are those a larger version of the zords

    1. Yeah. They could be vehicles used in the actual production of the show. Or maybe they were modeled specifically for the toy show. Pretty cool nonetheless!


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