CatalogPics: DX LT-06 Tategami RaiOh!

JEFusion leaked some catalog pics of Go-Busters newest robo: Buster Machine LT-06 Tategami RaiOh! He'll have 3 modes: robot, lion, and motorcycle. He'll also have sound effects. Tategami RaiOh will replace Go-Buster Ace as a core and when combined with Gorilla and Rabbit, they'll form Go-Buster RaiOh. Throw in Go-Buster Beet and Stag Beetle and they'll combine to form Go-Buster King!

LT-06 Tategami RaiOh

Go-Buster RaiOh (L) and Go-Buster King (R)

Go-Busters merchandise is available at Big Bad Toy Store!

DX LT-06 タテガミライオー ゴーバスターライオー ゴーバスターキング

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