NewsFlash: ES Gokin Yattaro!

Looks like Art Storm is doing a rendition of Yattaro from Cat Ninja Legend Teyandee, better known as Samurai Pizza Cats in the U.S. A branch from the ES Gokin line, ESP-01 Yattaro will come with a Toritsukkun which transforms from a bird into armor for Yattaro. It also looks like a Nyago King is in the works for 2013. Anyway, December release, 4800¥

Note that this is different from the Yattaro that Dream EX is/was working on.


ES合金 キャッ党忍伝てやんでえ - ヤッ太郎


  1. What's the height of this figure?

    1. 110mm, so a little over 4 inches in height


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