WishWeWereThere: Tamashii Nations 2012 - S.H.Figuarts & Ultra-Act

Tamashii Nations 2012 came and went and there was a LOT to be excited about. Too many photos out there, but I've narrowed it down to what our viewers would be interested in. Check out some S.H.Figuarts and Ultra-Act figures!


Kamen Rider Ryuuki

Alternative Zero & Contract monster Psychorogue

Kamen Rider Verde

Kamen Rider Imperer

Kamen Rider Taiga & Contract monster Destwilder

Kamen Rider Scissors & Contract monster Volcancer

Contract monster Gigazelle

Contract monster Biogreeza

Kamen Rider Odin & Contract monster Goldphoenix

Kamen Rider Femme & Contract monster Blancwing

Entire Kamen Rider Ryuuki lineup
Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Blade

Kamen Rider Blade
 Kamen Rider 555

Kamen Rider Psyga

Kamen Rider Orga

Kamen Rider Delta

Horse Orphnoch
 Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Sakurajima version

Shocker Soldier
 Kamen Rider X

Kamen Rider X

Apollo Geist
 Kamen Rider V3

 Kamen Rider Stronger

Kamen Rider Stronger Charge Up form

Rider Machines

Machine Den-Bird (KR Den-O)

Machine ZeroHorn (KR Zeronos)

Machine Decader (KR Decade)

Battle Hopper (KR Black)

Skullboilder (KR Skull)

Hardboilder Turbuler (KR W)

Hardboilder Dashboost (KR W)

Hardboilder (KR W)

Gills Raider (KR Gills)

Guard Chaser (KR G3)

Machine Tornador (KR Agito)

Ride Shooter (KR Ryuuki)

Cyclone (KR 1)

Blue Spader (KR Blade)

Delu Knight



Dragon Ranger

Tyranno Ranger
 Space Sheriff Series




Mother of Ultra

Father of Ultra

Ultraman Ace vs Ace Killer scene
Ace Killer

Ultraman Ace

Alien Babalou

Alien Magma

Lunar Miracle Zero

Strong Corona Zero

Ultraman Jonias

Ultraman Powered

Ultaman B type

Ultraman A type

Ultraman Nexus NOA, Ultraman Nexus, Dark Zagi

Alien Baltan


God Xenon

Thunder Gridman
Get S.H.Figuarts and Ultra-Act at Big Bad Toy Store!

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