CatalogPics: Kamitsuki Gattai DX Kyouryuujin and More!

Big Bad Toy Store has posted listings of the main mecha and auxillary mechas for the 2013 Super Sentai series Jyuden Sentai Kyouryuuger!

Kamitsuki Gattai (Biting Combination) DX Kyouryuujin
¥7800, February 2013 release

The main mecha, Kyouryuujin, consists of Gabutyra (red tyrannosaurus), Stegocchi (blue stegosaurus), and Dorikera (pink triceratops) and are piloted by their respective Kyouryuugers.

 Jyudenryu (Charging Dinosaur) Series
¥2600 each, March 2013 release

Zactor (01,green velociraptor) and Parasagan (02,black parasaur) can replace the arms on Kyouryuujin and are piloted by their respective Kyouryuugers. This formation is called Kyouryuujin Western and says "Kyouryuujin Western Yeehaw!" and maybe some western music plays?

Ankidon (03,blue anklyosaurus) can also replace Stegocchi to form Kyouryuujin Macho and says "Kyouryuujin Macho Mukkimuki". Mukimuki is a term to describe something as tough or masculine. Not sure what genre of music they'll use for "macho". Maybe hard rock? Should be interesting.

Each mecha comes with a jyudenchi (beast battery) that can be inserted into the mechas and other role play items to trigger voices and sounds.

Preorders available NOW at Big Bad Toy Store!

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