NewsFlash: More Kyouryuuger Mecha Coming

Bandai DX PteraidenOh, April release, ¥6000
Dino mode is Pteragodon and combines with Kyouryuujin to form Raiden Kyouryuujin. Also combines with Zactor and Parasagan to form PteraidenOh Western.

Jyudenryu Series 04 Bunpakki, June release, ¥2600

DX PlesOh, June release, ¥7500
Dino mode is Pleson and when combined with Bunpakki forms PlesOh Bunpakki. Also combines with both Bunpakki and Gabutyra to form Bakuretsu (Exploding) Kyouryuujin.

Jyudenryu Series 00 Tobaspino from Kyouryuuger The Movie, August release, ¥6800
Combines with Ankidon and Bunpakki to form SpinodaiOh.

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獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー プテライデンオー ブンパッキー プレズオー トバスピノ

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