ProtoPics: Feral Rex Leo Dux

Mastermind Creations has released prototype photos of Leo Dux, who'll form the torso for their Predaking-inspired Feral Rex. This prototype alone makes me drool.

Preorder Feral Rex components now at Big Bad Toy Store!

1 comment:

  1. Feral Rex is a huge of waste of time, just IMO. I was looking at some of the prototype reviews on Youtube and several parts had broken off intransit to the reviewer via overseas shipping. I had this same exact thing happen when I ordered 3rd Party “Masterpiece” seeker Ramjet. As a result,Thrust is still in packaging and never taken out since I’m afraid it could break if ever were to handle the figure. Also was looking Quakewave pics from people that ordered them and reports of broken finger digits in most cases, other people have great trouble transforming the figure, and its fragility. One thing I don’t understand about the high price of these 3rd party custom figures is the material used if its going to break, why are we paying such inflated ripoff prices when we can get the real thing from Hasbro/Takara and have better chance of it not breaking?


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