Review: S.H.Figuarts Ryuranger by Bandai

Bandai's S.H.Figuarts series of detailed and articulated figures has an impressive lineup of characters, but one of the most anticipated releases for me was Ryuranger from my all-time favorite sentai show, Dairanger. My expectations were high, so did the figure disappoint or impress?

The figure comes packaged in the standard windowed box with a couple of trays of accessories that include: 6 pairs of extra hands, extra helmet and badge, and various weapons.

The figure is a great likeness of Ryuranger with a nicely detailed helmet and suit.

Along with detail, poseability is another strong feature associated with S.H.Figuarts, and with some of the extra sets of hands, Ryuranger can be posed in some nice stances.

If you've watched the second season of Akibaranger, the extra head and badge should be familiar. With them, you can create China Red from Chuka Sentai Chinaman!

Included in the accessories are holstered versions of the weapons Star Sword and Star Cutter. On a side note, the holsters on the belt are removable.

The bladed versions of Star Sword and Star Cutter are painted nicely with a lot of little details and a set of hands to hold them. Each pair of extra hands included with this figure were made to hold specific weapons.

In the show, Star Sword and Star Cutter combine to form the gun, Dai Buster.

One of my favorite weapons from the show was the DaiRinken. This Figuarts version includes one "default" ring and a ring with a naginata blade attached to it. Each Dairanger had their own blade, and the naginata blade was Ryuranger's special blade attachment.

The Dairen Rod also has the naginata blade attached to it. Unfortunately, the blade isn't removable on either weapon, but they still look great.

Ryuranger is a fantastic start to the Dairanger S.H.Figuarts lineup, with lots of weapons and hands to hold them. The sculpt is spot on, and although I'm not a big fan of the shoulder covers that moves around a bit too easily, Ryuranger does not disappoint and absolutely impresses. I'm looking forward to the rest of the S.H.Figuarts Dairanger team.

S.H.Figuarts Ryuranger is available now at Big Bad Toy Store!

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  1. Actually, I'd call this a colossal fuckup of a Figuart because of three things:
    * The blade on the Dairenrod isn't removable and there's no bladeless rod to compensate for that. A huge problem, since the Dairenrods were most often used WITHOUT the attachments.
    * The Dragon Double Swords are omitted. The Dairanger personal weapons may have been ludicrously underused, but that's still a failure.
    * No Heavenly LaiLai Jewel.
    These omissions render this a worthless mistake, and Bandai owes you either your money back or free extra parts should they ever issue a corrected version.
    Am I being harsh? Absolutely. But with a high-price high-end figure like this, I think oversights like that are very hard to forgive.


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