NewsFlash: Robot Damashii Wing Gundam

Robot Damashii <SIDE MS> Wing Gundam from the anime Gundam Wing, February 2014 release, 5040円/$49.99

The titular mobile suit from Gundam Wing joins the ranks of the Robot Spirits line!  Piloted by series protagonist Heero Yuy, the Wing Gundam may be the most recognizable Mobile Suit in all of Gundam, next to the original RX-78.  Using the most up to date technology, this ambitions Robot Spirits release will enable a transformation gimmick to convert to the Wing Gundam’s Bird Mode!  Simply remove the interchangeable hand parts.  In addition to boasting faithful proportion, meticulous detail and superior articulation, a full array of accessories are also included in set- special bonus battle damaged head parts for recreating the iconic opening scene, as well as  special beam saber parts for portraying the weapon in motion, a buster rifle, and interchangeable hands for dynamic posing.  This is the ultimate figure for any fan of Gundam Wing.

Preorder available now at Big Bad Toy Store!

ROBOT魂 <SIDE MS> ウイングガンダム

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