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Catalog images have been released for the 2014-2015 Super Sentai series, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger! The theme is trains and I have at least one friend that's been waiting many years for a train theme. I'm not sure this is what he had envisioned, but it's what we've got so we'll have to go with it. There's a lot to look at, so let's get started!

On the left we have the Ressha, which are the trains that will be used to form the main mecha and it's add ons as well as being used on the weapons and changers. They look to be labeled by their colors, so Red Ressha, Blue Ressha, etc. So far they're showing 10 trains, but there could be more coming.

On the top right is a quick glimpse of the Ressha forming TokkyuOh, and on the bottom right is the Ressha being used in the henshin sequence. They'll have a normal one and an additional one called Norikae Henshin, which translates as "transfer transformation".  More on that later.

Tokkyu Ressha

Ressha Gattai DX TokkyuOh, February 2014, Price TBD
The main mecha is TokkyuOh and is comprised of Red Ressha (3 railroad cars), Blue Ressha (3 railroad cars), Yellow Ressha, (2 railroad cars)  Green Ressha (3 railroad cars), and Pink Ressha (2 railroad cars). TokkyuOh stands at almost 11 inches tall. When the railroad cars are lined up in a line, they'll be just under 4 feet in length.

Ressha Gattai DX TokkyuOh

Ressha Gattai Series - Tokkyu Ressha 6 Tank Ressha, March 2014, 1500円
Ressha Gattai Series - Tokkyu Ressha 7 Car Carrier Ressha, March 2014, 1500円
The additional Ressha in the Gattai Series will be power ups for TokkyuOh. Tank Ressha combines to form TokkyuOh Tank. Car Carrier combines to form TokkyuOh Car Carrier. If they'll combine to form an additional mecha is yet to be seen.

Henshin Brace Tokkyu Changer, February 2014, 3900円
The Tokkyugers transform by pushing the first button, pulling up on a lever, inserting their respective Ressha, and pushing down on the lever. As I stated earlier, there's another henshin, called the Norikae Henshin, where each Tokkyuger can change colors. The first thing to know is that the Tokkyuger naming convention for the team is Tokkyu 1 Gou (Ichigo), Tokkyu 2 Gou (Nigo), Tokkyu 3 Gou (Sango), Tokkyu 4 Gou (Yongo), and Tokkyu 5 Gou (Gogo). When they press the middle button on the brace and pull the lever up, they can change out their Ressha for another. In the example in the catalog, Tokkyu Ichigo removes Red Ressha and inserts Green Ressha, pulls down on the lever and the brace says "Tokkyu Ichigo Reddo Norikaete Gurin" (Tokkyu Ichigo Red transfers to Green), and Tokkyu Ichigo's costume changes from red to green but the number on the uniform stays the same. And finally, when the third button is pressed, whatever Ressha is inserted will be summoned.

Ressha Gattai DX TokkyuOh & Henshin Brace Tokkyu Changer Set, February 2014, Price TBD
A box set containing both DX TokkyuOh and the Tokkyu Changer will be released. I think the last (and only?) time we saw a mecha and changer box set was the Bioman Choudenshi DX Set.

(L) Tokkyu Ressha 6 & 7, (R) Tokkyu Brace, DX TokkyuOh & Tokkyu Brace Set

Kaiten Juuken Tokkyu Blaster, February 2014, 4500円
The Tokkyu Blaster is the main weapon for the Tokkyuger and is activated when the Scope Ressha is inserted. There are two modes: Uchimasu (Blaster) Mode and Kirimasu (Sword) Mode. Scope Ressha can also combine with DX TokkyuOh.

Tokkyu Jousha Pass Tokkyu Buckle, February 2014, 2500円
The Tokkyu Buckle comes with the Rainbow Pass, though it's not clear what the pass is used for. Also included is Shield Ressha and can combine with DX TokkyuOh to make the Signal Shield.

Gattai Hassha Ho Renketsu Bazooka, March 2014, 5500円
Rail Slasher (Ichigo), Home Trigger (Nigo), Tunnel Axe (Sango), Shingou (signal) Hammer (Yongo), and Tekkyou (bridge) Claw (Gogo) can combine to form the Renketsu Bazooka at almost 17 inches long. The Energy Ressha can be shot out of the bazooka and also combine with DX TokkyuOh.

(L) Tokkyu Blaster, Tokkyu Buckle, (R) Renketsu Bazooka

Norikae Change Series Tokkyu 1 Gou, March 2014, 3000円
Norikae Change Series Tokkyu 2 Gou, March 2014, 3000円
Norikae Change Series Tokkyu 4 Gou, March 2014, 3000円
The Norikae Change Series figures have a dial on the back that can change number on the chest and head. They'll come with the 5 individual weapons as well as the Tokkyu Blaster in both modes.

Sentai Hero Series 01 Tokkyu 1 Gou, February 2014, 800円
Sentai Hero Series 02 Tokkyu 2 Gou, February 2014, 800円
Sentai Hero Series 03 Tokkyu 3 Gou, February 2014, 800円
Sentai Hero Series 04 Tokkyu 4 Gou, February 2014, 800円
Sentai Hero Series 05 Tokkyu 5 Gou, February 2014, 800円

Punch Fighter Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, February 2014, 2400円

CharaChi! Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Wristwatch, February 2014, 1380円

Various other goods
Note that the gashapon Ressha will work with the Tokkyu Changer but not DX TokkyuOh.

(L) Norikae Change Series, Sentai Hero Series, Punch Fighter, CharaChi, (R) Various Goods
Well there you have it. Love it or hate it, it's coming. What do you think? Leave comments below and be sure to check out Big Bad Toy Store for all of you Super Sentai needs!

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